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Master Kim's Taekwondo Institute

Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute is proud to be voted the BEST MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL IN ROCHESTER  (conveniently located in Penfield, Greece & Irondequoit) to exercise and improve your mind, body and spirit. Martial Arts Training at Master Kim’s will make you healthier from the inside out.

We will help you focus your mind, calm your emotions, and relieve your stress.

The discipline of your training will teach you to respect yourself and others, so that you develop better relationships and live a happier life.

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1601 Penfield Road
Rochester, NY 14625



3042 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14626



2255 East Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14622


If you’re looking for information about the best Taekwondo programs in Rochester and surrounding areas (like PENFIELD, GREECE, IRONDEQUOIT), you’ve come to the right place. Master Kim's Taekwondo Institute will empower you with the self-defense and self-improvement programs you’ve been searching for!

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